April update

Follow along this TremorMUV build as it progresses from a pile of steel to a finished vehicle.

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April update

Postby Iggyg00 » Fri May 06, 2005 7:32 am

Well were to start. The frame is totally primed with the aluminum por 15 (that stuff works wonders). bought a bead roller in the kit form, bought a bench break through harbor freight, and all parts to start getting this thing rolling.

For the sheet steel im going with 18 gage, got another deal from logan steel here. they had a bunch of 3x8 sheets left over and sold it to me for alot less than normal just because it was a odd size.

for the car pc it is coming along i got a front end imbedded and also gps for the tremor.

Also going with flat black instead of cadillac pearl white.

pictures coming soon
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