TremorMUV Plan Sets now in ELECTRONIC Download format

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TremorMUV Plan Sets now in ELECTRONIC Download format

Postby TREMORMUV » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:46 pm

We've decided to exclusively offer the TremorMUV plan sets and CDROMS as downloadable items on our online store. What this means to you is that you get to save yourself the shipping cost in getting your TremorMUV plan set or CDROMs. For those living overseas, this can represent a significant savings.

The electronic plan sets are all in PDF format (quite a common one), which allows you to take these documents to your local copy shop and have a hardcopy printed local to you.

In an effort to cut down on your overall project expense, we hope this will work for you.

The CDROMs are presented to the electronic purchaser in ISO format. You can use a freely downloadable application such as IMGBURN ( ) to burn these images to a blank CDROM on your own computer.

We hope this works well for you, and please keep in mind that these downloads are for your own personal use only.


P.S. With the introduction of new browser versions and new browsers, some clients have reported problems checking out plans from the store. If this should happen, please contact me at and I will invoice you directly through paypal for your order.
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